Kazakhstan 20 – 30 August 2019


Kazakhstan guided paragliding trip.

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€790 pp includes:

4 Day at Ush Konyr – 3 nights’ accommodation at Home Club in a VIP cottage. Drop off and pick up from take-off and retrieves.

Plus 3 days at Kolsai lakes. Here we can do a stop at Charyn Canyon and possibly Kaindy lake (road conditions and weather permitting). 3 nights in a basic village guest house and some village meals.

All of this includes transport and food also including airport pick up for 8 people.

Accommodation: Camping, or basic hut/chalet, or arrange your own Air B&B
Transport provided as well as retrieves.

Description: Fly into Almaty. U.K. citizens can get a 30-day visa upon arrival at the airport. We will be met by English-speaking tour partners and taken to our accommodation. Flights from currently (as of 14 March) are:
From London £359; Manchester £529; Newcastle £527.

Flying area: There are a number of places to fly, but we would probably only try two or three depending on the skill level of the group. The Russians and Kazakhs train on the first two sites:

1. Site “31 km” (it’s 31 km outside of Almaty) which is where the local club does most of their training.

2. UshKonyr which is where they held the 2017 Kazakh PG Open. You can see the flights and site information here: https://airtribune.com/2017-open-kazakhstan-championship/results

3. The third place would be to get permission to hike or horse trek back into the Kolsai national park, camp at Kosai Lake and fly there for a few days and then fly out. Here is a link to a village we could be based at to do this trip. Or just stay and fly the area around the village.