Flying the Dolomites

8 – 9 Oct. 2018

With just a few days of free time available after a conference in Germany, myself and 2 paragliding buddies drove from Munich to Trentino-South Tyrol, beneath Torri del Sella in Italy. This was after the height of the paragliding season in the Dolomites and we had the place to ourselves.

My two friends slept in their cars, but I set up my trusty Six Moon Design Lunar Solo SE. I slept warm and snug two full nights with below freezing temperatures above 2200 m. I woke up in the mornings with ice on the inside and outside of my tent. Loved it.

We woke up each morning to a stunning sunrise with the sun shining on the towers of rock all around us and the clouds below us filling the valleys.

As the sun warmed up the air and dried off my tent the clouds rose and enveloped us.

After breakfast we climbed to launch …

Laid out our wings …

… and waited for the thermals, then launched.

Flying in the Dolomites is full on, even after the main flying season is over and the air is cooling. The thermals were still strong and conditions challenging.

The sunsets were as fantastic as the sunrises.

I I will definitely be returning to fly the Dolomites and fly & camp (vol bivouac) with my Six Moons Design Lunar Solo SE.