Paragliding and Camping at Otto’s Ridge

Unable to do my annual paragliding vol bivouac (fly and camp – where you climb high and fly as far as you can each day covering 100s of kilometres) since the start of Covid 19, I thought I might be able to do one this year in Colorado. But after making the international move from England to Colorado in March, starting 2 part time jobs (one as a paragliding instructor for Red Tail Paragliding) and buying a house … it was just not possible.

So I had to settle on a stationary vol biv. We took some of our freshly graduated paragliding students out for a weekend in the desert to camp and fly a remote ridge that you can fly from before sunrise till about 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. each day.

It was the perfect site for me to set up my Lunar Solo LE, SMD’s flagship design, which is still a great tent and in great shape. The desert got pretty cold at night and of course hot during the day, but the Lunar Solo LE kept me comfortable throughout

I woke up before sunrise to see some of the students “ground handling” their paragliders in the early morning light. It was beautiful with the desert changing colors as the light touched the different peaks and gullies and the multi-colored wings.

We also had a beautiful waxing moon the three nights we were there which allowed me to get out and do some ground handling under the moonlight which was a very unique experience.

I still love my Lunar Solo LE and will probably continue to use it for vol bivouacs in the future as it fits my needs so well. Using my hiking poles for tent poles, it packs so small and fits great in my backpack as well as in my harness when I fly away. It is so easy to set up and take down and has ample space to keep my paraglider wing and harness in under the vestibule along with my boots and camp stove, but …

… if I ever want a little more room and comfort I also have the Haven Bundle. Maybe next year.